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擴散爐 (Diffusion Oven)


使用目的: 二極體高溫擴散製程使用

型式: 爐管(muffle)式


最高品質進口電熱線 (熱膨脹係數特低)

電熱器及爐管可單獨換裝 (換裝操作簡易)



使用溫度 均溫性能 加熱機制 輸送 批次式 爐氣氛
Max 1300 ±5 遠紅外熱輻射   可選用 大氣或N2

Diffusion Furnace

Phosphorous Diffusion is widely used in manufacture of solar cells.  Silicon wafers are doped with small amounts of phosphorous to create the n-junction of the solar cell. This process is accomplished de depositing phosphorous vapor or coating on top of a silicon substrate.  It is then fired at temperatures between 800℃ and 1000℃ to drive the phosphorous into the silicon, thus creating the n-junction


  • In-Line Diffusion Furnace
    • The system can be configured to process up to 1,500 wafters per hour providing uniform and repeatable emitters



  • Silicon wafers are coated with a phosphoric acid solution and diffused in a quartz-lined continuous furnace between 850 and 900℃

CE Compliance

  • This option is for the design and manufacture of the furnace evaluated to the requirements of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive (2004/108/EC).  Our company offers self compliance to the Directives and the applicable harmonized standards.  This